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New Balance Running Shoes: Inspiring Customer Loyalty With Great Kicks Friday, March 4, 2011 - Read 1798 times. New Balance Running Shoes

Ask anyone on the street of the United States or abroad what their favorite sneakers are and you\'re opening yourself up to a wide array of answers, but one the most popular by far is bound to be, \"I love my Balances,\" or some variation of the that sentiment. New Balance sneakers have been enchanting sneaker wearers since the company...

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Gola Shoes Vintage-Style Shoes With a Story to Tell Friday, February 25, 2011 - Read 1683 times. Gola_Shoes

Allow us to re- introduce you to a shoe that you may have known for years. There are lots of reasons we at findyoursneakers.com love Gola Shoes, and we think you should get to know one of Britain\'s oldest sports brands a little better. Gola Shoes ...

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Crookedtongues Sneakers: A Taste For Sneaker Chic Thursday, February 24, 2011 - Read 1583 times. Crookedtongues Sneakers

If you're totally into sneakers -- and we know you must have at least a little interest if you're visiting our site -- we're excited to let you know about another place in the great big virtual world that we think you should visit. Crookedtongues.com is an online portal to the universe of great sneakers, and offers an interactive...

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The Air Jordan 2011: Creating Buzz and Accommodating Talent Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - Read 1635 times. Air Jordan 2011

There's tons of buzz about the Air Jordan 2011, released earlier this week, and touted as the latest, hottest, most mesmerizing sneaker of the year. What's so amazing about this new take on our old favorite? The Air Jordan 2011 is garnering love for it's strong suits: versatility, custom fit, and stability. As Jordan Brand...

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